5.8G Wifi Repeater 900Mbps Wireless Outdoor Bridge Router Point to Point Wifi Signal Amplifier Increases Wifi Range 1-3KM

5.8G Wifi Repeater 900Mbps Wireless Outdoor Bridge Router Point to Point Wifi Signal Amplifier Increases Wifi Range 1-3KM

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Brand Name: KuWFi

KuWFi Model: CPE200

With Modem Function: No

Origin: Mainland China

Type: Wireless

WAN Ports: 1 x10/100Mbps

Wi-Fi Supported Frequency: 5G

5G Wi-Fi Transmission Rate: 867Mbps

Function: Firewall

Certification: CE

Max. LAN Data Rate: 867Mbps

Standards And Protocols: Wi-Fi 802.11g

Wi-Fi Transmission Standard: 802.11n

Wired Transfer Rate: 100Mbps

Package: Yes

Supports WPS: No

Application: Outdoor

Feature 1: wireless bridge adapter

Feature 2: Long range wi fi repeater

Feature 3: wi fi access point

Feature 4: point to point wireless bridge

Feature 5: wi fi booster

Feature 6: wireless wi fi rou-ter

Feature 7: wi fi rou-ter amplifier


Feature 9: wireless repeater wi fi

Feature 10: wi fi adapter

Feature 11: wireless repeater

Feature 12: outdoor wi fi rou-ter

Feature 13: wi fi extender

Feature 14: wireless ethermet bridge

Feature 15: Wi fi rou-ter

Feature 16: Repeater wi fi

Feature 17: wi fi access points

Feature18: wi fi range extender

Feature19: rou-ter wi fi

Feature20: wi fi repeater

Feature21: wi fi bridge

Feature22: wi fi signal amplifier

Feature23: increases wi fi range

Feature24: enhanced wi fi signal

Feature25: 5g rou-ter

Feature26: repeater wi fi

Feature27: wi fi repeater long range

Feature28: Wi fi access point 5ghz

feature: wi fi signal repeater

feature: wi fi extender repeater

feature: outdoor signal amplifier

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Transfer distance





Power supply

POE 24V 1A

POE 24V 0.5A


PoE 48V

Wireless rate





Network port

10/100Mbps WAN/LAN Port

1*10/00M LAN Port

2*10/100M LAN ports

1 * 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 WAN /LAN Port

Connect WiFi Camera





KuWFi Wifi Access Point 5Ghz Wifi Repeater 900Mbps Wireless Outdoor Bridge Router Point to Point Wifi Signal Amplifier Increases Wifi Range 1-3KM
Please Notice:
1.1-3KM distance ,it mean point to point (we test it )
2.The transmission distance is affected by many factors, such as local network conditions, buildings, trees, etc.,maybe it cannot reach 1-3KM,but please understand.
3.If you want to reach long distance wifi coverage,we suggest that you buy 2pcs ,thanks!

Product Description

Please open this link to check how to use it ,thanks!

1.This wireless Wi fi router produce 5.8G 900Mbps, Long Range WiFi Extender Outdoor Wireless Bridge CPE with LED display to configure the PT/PTMP connection

2.Wifi extender build in 12dBi MIMO panel antenna(embedded) ,High Gain Antenna for More Range

3.Wireless repeater with ABS waterproof, dustproof and sunscreen shell, temperature adaptive also; Meantime, it support 24V /0.5A passive PoE, ESD protection and surge protection, ideal for outdoor use

4.Waterproof/dust proof/lighting protection; Operating Temperature: -30℃-55℃ Storage Temp: -40℃-70℃


- Support Wireless AP, Repeater operation mode

- Support SSID broadcasting, Multi SSID up to 4

- Support DHCP serverNetwork Security

6.wireless ethermet bridge supports 64/128-bit WEP security, 128bit WPA (TKIP/AES) security

7.Users Max: 64, Recommand: 30

8.Transmit power: 19±2dBm

Product Details

Operation Mode:Wireless AP, Wireless repeater

Interface: 1*10/100Mbps WAN Port, 1*10/100Mbps LAN Port
(By connecting to a wireless network, the Wifi speed can reach 900

Mbps; if you connect to a wired network through a LAN port, the network speed will be below 100 Mbps)

1 * Switch to operate the operation mode (Right is AP mode, Left is Repeater mode)

1 * Reset button


Waterproof Level:IP65

Wireless security: OPEN、WPA、WPA2、WPA-PSK、WPA2-PSK

Packing list


POE Power Adapter (24V0.5A)*2pcs

Quick Start Guide*1pcs

Ethernet Cable (1meter) *2pcs

Shipping time and tracking

We use safe trackable shipping methods to ship parcels ,below is estimated delivery time for different countries :
Asian countries 7-10 days .
European countries 7-15 days .
United States 10-15 days .
American countries 15-25 days .
Brazil 15-45 days .

Warranty time and service

Customer service working hours:Beijing 9:30-18:30(Working Day)
Ship orders within 48 hours (except weekends)
The warranty period of the router is 1 year.

Adapt to various harsh environments
Using outdoor engineering plastic shell and professional components, it provides IP65 dustproof and waterproof, suitable for various harsh environments such as wind, sun, rainforest, snow and freezing, even in extreme high and low temperature (-30°C to 70°C) C) environment, can also work normally and stably.
5G frequency band high-speed wireless transmission
Using 802.11ac technology, the wireless WiFi transmission rate can reach 900Mbps. Realize high-speed wireless transmission and coverage, and work stably and reliably throughout the day.
Switch"C"to repeater mode
Support AP/Repeater Operation Mode;Suit for various Wi-FI transmission schemes
1. Connect its WiFi.
SSID: Wireless X.XG-XXX.
WiFi Keys: 66666666
2. Before Login WebUI, please set the IP address to 192.168.188.X
3. Login WebUI.
Password: admin
4. Tips: If the two devices do not communicate, please press "reset" at the same time to reset them,
Note: Manual pairing=press 'reset' at the same time for 1 second
Finally, they will communicate with each other and pass your WiFi from H to C.
Tips: WAN connects to PoE, LAN connects to other devices

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